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Yahoo tech columnist David Pogue in his 2016 book, ". Getty Images, mattresses: May, memorial Day mattress sales are a real thing, Pogue explains: "The entire industry blows out last

year's models over Memorial Day, so watch for crazy sales in May.". When is the best time to buy things? Its fast, its free. Where to Buy Cookware, while you can get new cookware at any major retailer, you may want to consider other options if you're on a budget. With the winter boat show season in full swing, February is the best time to buy a boat for less.   Bikes: New bicycle models come out at the end of the summer riding season, so check out discounts on last years bikes. Consumer Reports research has uncovered when the deepest discounts occur, month-by-month. "Every category of gadget goes on sale: TVs, laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, and so on Pogue writes. Keep track of tax-free shopping days (they vary from state to state) to gather up these and other items without sales tax. On National Ice Cream Day (July 16 this year) look for specials at local shops and chains such as Baskin-Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery.  Cars: Car dealers promote deals on current vehicles to make room for the newest ones. Every year year, we compile a list of the best times to buy stuff based on when stores are trying to push out old stock, when they re dropping. It can be significantly easier to buy what you know you'll use regularly, such as a sauce pan or frying pan. If you re shopping for cookware, consider your needs, how many pieces you use and the type you want. A mattress: Many mattress companies boast big Labor Day sales, though if you miss out, similar sales run around President's Day and Memorial Day. May to clear the floor for sale incoming merchandise. Look for Deals on Tuesday, southwest generally files its signature Click N Save deals once a week late Monday night in the.m.

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And finally, July has played host to Amazon Prime Day in the past two years, so expect Black Friday-like specials from the e-commerce giant. Politely negotiate on good-condition floor models, and you can often pay much less than cost. April is also National Car Care Month, which brings deals on car parts, tires, and service. Fuse/Thinkstock, spring clothing: Memorial Day sales include discounted clothing and home goods at department stores, apparel retailers, and big-box stores. "White sales" actually date back to 1878, when a Philadelphia department store held a White Sale on linens to help keep linen makers in business during a slow period. If you miss out on this specific weekend, don't stress more sales will come around over the weekends of July 4 and Labor Day. Air conditioner: During cold weather months, many appliance stores offer units at cheap pricesif you can find them.