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Sobrarbe, Huesca, Aragon, Spain - Basotxerri 15:06, (UTC) Promotion Good quality - Halavar 15:18, (UTC) Nomination Animal trough on the trail to Portillo de Tella. ) - Ikan Kekek 08:50

, (UTC) Nomination: Durian Roundabout. Doi ani mai trziu, ea a nfrnt-o pe Justine Henin n finala de.S. Fonda interpretava un apicultor del nord de Florida que, malgrat la seva vida familiar tumultuosa, transmet un sentit d'integritat al seu capritxs fill pres, actuant protectorament cap a la seva nora que abusa de la droga. By User:Seth767 - Reda benkhadra 23:31, (UTC) Decline Sky is unnaturally blotchy, strange white distortion in both lower corners. Grand Prix (Stuttgart, Germania 2013 : Porsche Tennis Grand Prix (Stuttgart. If it was cropped to show the action then the lack of detail would be clear and it would fail. LeZibou 18:04, (UTC) Promotion Needs a bit of perspective correction, vertical lines are tilting a bit. Composition and lighting edit The arrangement of the subject within the image should contribute to the image. 2011: Western Southern Open cincinnati, SUA 2011: Internazionali BNL. Ikan Kekek 23:14, (UTC) Comment Thanks for the review. rter 08:07, (UTC). Please leave a blank line between your new entry and any existing entries. Ermell 12:31, (UTC) Nomination Tate Modern, London, England - Poco a poco 11:34, (UTC) Promotion Good quality. Das letzte Turnier, das sie 2013 spielte, waren die, western Southern Open in, cincinnati. I have added the basketball category and changed the description. I don't see any problem with a crown around the moon.

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